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    Rep. Hunter says he has halted campaign payments to wife

    Among the many issues raised by constituents at the March 11 town hall by Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, was his campaign’s payments to his wife, Margaret Hunter, for consulting work.

    “She’s not being paid now,” Hunter told a constituent, Richard Nyles of Santee, who asked about her longtime employment as Hunter’s campaign manager. “But she was, and she was getting $3,000 a month.”

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    BunnyPAC Hopes to Thump Duncan Hunter on Rabbitgate

    A political action committee is relying on a rabbit to help California Rep. Duncan Hunter hop out of Congress.TI_markup006_091416.jpg

    BunnyPAC was started by Shawn VanDiver, a Navy veteran who runs his own consulting firm in San Diego. It is rooted in allegations that Hunter used campaign money for personal expenses, including paying for airline fare for the family’s pet rabbit.

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